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Deltasorb® Anesthetic Collection Service


Prevent the Vent!®

The Deltasorb® Anesthetic Collection Service offers hospitals a cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to venting toxic anesthetics into the atmosphere. This service includes:

  • A weekly delivery and canister exchange service
  • Installation and set-up of the Deltasorb® system in the OR
  • Training for hospital staff

This service benefits hospitals, their surrounding communities and the environment.

A Viable Source for Anesthetic Gases

Going beyond the benefits of collection today, Blue-Zone Technologies plans to eventually provide the medical community with a viable alternative source for anesthetics. Blue-Zone's intellectual property for processing and purifying captured anesthetic gases is patent-protected, and its manufacturing facility is approved by both Health Canada and the FDA. Pending approval for the marketing and sales of anesthetics, Blue-Zone Technologies will soon offer a full-scale anesthetic waste collection, recovery, reconstitution and reuse program (i.e. " cradle to cradle™ ") for the practice of anesthesia worldwide.

Contact us today for more information on how Blue-Zone and Deltasorb® can help your hospital.


Dr. Gerry O'Leary, MB, FRCPC "We are pleased to collaborate with Blue-Zone, not only because the technology is innovative but also because it can extend the useful life cycle of a...
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2) Will the canister leak anesthetic gas if the cap is not on?

Once captured, the anesthetic gases are trapped on the adsorbent until subjected to specific operating conditions at our production facility. The cap ...

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